Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tattoos On Viginas Pics What Exactly Do Butterfly Tattoos On Females Symbolize And What Would Be The Masculine/male Version Tattoo?

What exactly do butterfly tattoos on females symbolize and what would be the masculine/male version tattoo? - tattoos on viginas pics

I noticed that many women with butterfly tattoos. Why are so popular among young people and on which side would be equivalent to men? That young men have tattoos that are almost as many women and butterfly tattoos?


White lighting said...

It is an interesting question, but the truth is ... is a popular notion that women love more than anything else. A bit like fairies or dolphins. They are simply beautiful, and women go into these things a bit. Just like people with skulls and dragons. Tattoos are popular male lead almost exclusively male. TV shows / telenovelas you believe otherwise, but most people get what they want. That is the real truth, in most cases. But because the TV, all the "hidden meaning". Go figure.

Smile_cu... said...

I do not know, maybe a dragon? When I was young I really liked butterflies because for me the beauty and transformation represent (from a caterpillar) into a butterfly. In various cultures the symbol of a butterfly is not very nice. In Japan, a butterfly, a geisha. Even the song Maná Mariposa Traicionera is a very bad feeling about women like butterflies.

Catastrophic Curse said...

That is, they are a secret group of female ninjas who conspired against you and you alone. They think, as your life hell. The male equivalent is the mother naked tattooed guys. These people are a group of men who seek their life a living hell.

Erin said...

It is requested that this person. Several times, they mean nothing, "the butterflies are pretty.
It can sometimes mean more.

No book translation giantess tattoo people. I guess you could say a sort of celebration of Spider - another failure, but more macho.

Stupidity Leak said...

I have come is a tattoo of a butterfly, and the reason simply that I wanted.

alex said...

Symbol of the United Nations originality.

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